Thailand Travel Diary

I promised and I delivered! This August, I went on vacation with my family to Thailand and it is definitely one of the best trips I have ever been on. We were previously in Bali during the first days of the month, and had some trouble on our connecting flights to…… Read More Thailand Travel Diary


Fall Playlist

Hi guys, sorry for the long hiatus from blog posts. I have been on a trip to Thailand (travel diary coming soon) and school has started again, much to my chagrin. Summer is officially over for me and I am more than ready to usher in the red leaves, chunky…… Read More Fall Playlist


Hello, Kat here! I’m your friendly neighborhood teenager who just so happens to adore reading blogs and decided to create her own. This is the product of a long time wish when I finally decided to create my own little space on the internet. I love InStyle and …… Read More Welcome!