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What would this blog be without a little female empowerment? As a teenage girl, I feel like feminism has become a major topic especially in these recent years. I get that not everyone understands why it is so important, considering how society has been patriarchal since the beginning of time. The idea that women are equal to men in a world that has relegated them to the second class gender can be a hard pill to swallow for some.  Feminism is defined in the dictionary as the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.

Why is feminism important? 

Feminism is important because women need to empowered just as much as men. Boys are encouraged from an early age to go out, explore, and question the world around them. They’re given tool kits and told to create something new and that will expand humanity’s horizons. Girls, in general not as a whole, get dolls and movies that subtly tell them that they’re ultimate goal in life is to marry a prince and live happily ever after. I can easily say that other than the show Kim Possible, there weren’t many TV shows out there that showed girls doing the same things as boys.

I was recently rewatching some episodes of old cartoons I watched when I was little and among them was the show Dexter’s Laboratory. If you don’t remember the show, it was basically about this genius kid named Dexter who had an older sister named Deedee, who always ruined his plans. Despite being older, the show made Deedee out to have the mental capacity of young child and was clearly far less educated than her younger brother which appalled me. Girls need to know that they don’t need to aspire for marriage, babies, and less overall schooling just because that is what society dictates them to do.

It always annoyed me how women superheroes were placed on the back burner compared to the male characters. Black Widow from the Avengers, while skilled, is definitely not as powerful as Hulk, Thor, or Captain America. She also could never headline a Marvel movie. I know you all can already see where I’m going with this and I have two words for this: Wonder Woman. Not only is it (in my opinion) the best movie of 2017, it also featured a powerful female hero who single-handedly took out the enemy and wasn’t a sidekick to anyone. And can we have a minute for the No Man’s Land scene? Incredible, inspiring, and made me want to take out a thousand bad guys with my bare hands and a lasso. This movie is only one in many steps we need to take to ensure that both sexes can finally be equal in society.

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(I get chills looking at this)*via

I think I’ve said enough to get across the main idea of why girl power is so important these days. However, everything I’ve said only scrapes the surface of the deep rooted problem that we constantly face. I’ve been thinking of creating a series that would be feature a woman in any business or STEM who has been making strides in a man dominated field. If any of you want to see that, please comment down below!



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