YA Books with Female Heroines to Read

To anyone who knows me, it comes to no surprise that I am finally writing a book post, being the avid reader that I am. Nothing beats the experience that comes with flipping the pages of an actual book and if that kicks me out of the millennial club, so be it. Below, I created a list of YA books from 2015-2017 that I really love. If you agree with my choices or want to read any, please share that with me in the comments!

1. A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas (2016)

acotar 2

Although the first book to this series was quite good, my heart was stolen by the brave female protagonist, Feyre, in this second installment. Feyre is now a Fae after being brought back to life and suffers from PTSD after defeating the evil Amarantha in the first book. After being saved from her hellish life by the swoonworthy Rhysand, she becomes a warrior and must learn to maneuver her way through the tangled web of politics, subterfuge, and war that exist in this mystical world. Both the romance and the action left me well satiated and the complexity of each character gave me a nice break from the usual 2D characters I tend to encounter. Also, the ending cliff hanger at the end left me at the edge of my seat, it is so good. This series is part of a trilogy, and in my opinion is one of the finest books Sarah Maas has every written.

2. The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh (2015)


If you love the fantastic stories in 1001 Arabian Nights, you will love this book to death. Shahrzad, the 16 year old girl who volunteers to become the next bride of the Caliph, manages to stay alive everyday by telling him stories. During her stay at the palace, she starts falling for the young Caliph and seeks a way to break the murderous cycle that isn’t at all what it seems from outside the castle. The relationship between Shahrzad and the Caliph is so genuine and the book is very well written. There is also a sequel that is just as good and gives much needed closure to this book duology. A must read!

3. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (2015)


Impossible heists for jewelry or artwork are already entertaining enough to read, but breaking someone out of the highest maximum prison in the world takes the cake. Set in the same world as the Grisha trilogy (which was quite redundant and unoriginal in my opinion), this book brings together 6 unlikely characters from all social classes who band together with a common cause to break a man out of a prison for various reasons. Despite the constantly shifting POV, each character is interesting and unique with their hidden agendas and secrets objectives.

4. A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas (2017)

acotar 3

The final book to the previously mentioned trilogy, it brings to a crescendo the unrest and lies as Feyre goes undercover to bring down her enemies and find allies for the coming war. You can see so much growth in Feyre as she is met with new challenges and her relationship with her now husband, Rhysand, makes me believe in true love. (#Feysand) I begged my mom for this book for Christmas but it came out this May so I had to wait 5 painful months to get my hands on it. If you’re into the whole fantasy YA genre, you have definitely heard about this world stopping series so go read them all!

You can definitely see my love for YA fantasy novels… I’m totally going to be that one 30 year old still reading Harry Potter. If you guys have any that you’ve read and love tell me in the comments so I can read them! I am always looking for new books to read.



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