Spring Ready to Wear 2018

It is one of those wonderful times of the year where designers new and old release collections to the masses for the coming season. As you guys already know, I love watching fashion shows and admiring the eye candy being strutted down the runway. For the past few weeks, I have spammed my Pinterest with tons of collections and I definitely have some favorites to share. However, I’m adding a little twist to today’s post with one collection that I reeeaaaally didn’t like just to keep things interesting! If you agree with any choices good or bad please tell me in the comments.

Monique Lhuillier

readytowear 1readytowear 2

In addition to having a name that makes me sound (and feel) like an extra on Gossip Girl, Monique Lhuillier has created a gorgeous collection that gives off major Swan Lake vibes. The lace is a welcome presence in the collection, as the delicate fabric in various colors makes the whole collection even more feminine and elegant. There are really detailed flowers distributed on various pieces that ensure without a doubt that this whole collection screams spring. Also, can we take a minute to appreciate the backdrop? It looks exactly like my dream house some day in the far future.


readytowear 3readytowear 4

This was another collection to catch my eye because the constant switching between simple bold colored outfits to bejeweled pieces made my head spin. There is a lot of color blocking that features combinations of red on yellow and white on black. I appreciated this because a lot of pieces were clothes that you could actually see on everyday, well dressed people. A lot of collections I see are breathtaking, but definitely not what you’d want to wear for a quick Starbucks run before work.


readytowear 5readytowear 7

I had a bit of trouble closing my mouth after seeing the otherworldly gowns that graced the Rodarte runway. The flowers, the sheer material, and the pastel colors made every outfit perfect for the play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The runway itself is made up of an assortment of flowers and they only add to how surreal this collection is. Also, you can see that there are baby’s breath flowers decorating the heads and arms of the models, making them look like goddesses. I think I can safely say that this was my favorite collection of the season.


readytowear 9readytowear 8

I understand the concept of art, and how some designers such as Maison Margiela use the runway as a form of artistic expression rather than show pieces to actually wear. After having said that, I still dislike these collections and Vetements is no exception. It looks like the designer, whoever he or she may be, went dumpster diving behind some cheap, outlet mall while drunk and tried to create the entire collection the day before their deadline. For the decidedly high prices designer clothing retail for, buying anything from Vetements is the equivalent of throwing thousands of dollars down the drain. The only saving grace of this collection is that they use a variety of models who look like the everyday people one might see on the streets. However (in a Simon Cowell voice), “It’s a no from me”.

As usual, all images via Vogue.



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