Women in Business

I find it really incredible the many things one can accomplish in the business industry, although I’ll keep it a secret whether or not I plan to work in it as well. However, when I think business or anything relating to the corporate world, my mind goes straight to men in business suits with female secretaries carrying coffee. Think 50 Shades of Grey intro, when Anastasia walks into Mr. Grey’s office. We just see so few women in the business industry making headlines and owning companies that it almost comes to a surprise that there are a few who have gone far beyond sorting papers for their bosses.

Why are there few women in leading roles in commerce and business? Well according to a study by the World Economic Forum, 44% of the respondents state an unconscious bias among managers and a lack of work-life balance since many women end up playing the role of caretaker in their families. A lot of women are expected to make life choices while always keeping in mind that marriage and children will be a big part of them. As a result, many settle for easier or less demanding occupations that allow them to play a larger role in their families. We often forget the important words Beyonce blessed us with in her hit song “Run the World (Girls)”. Women can and do run the world and here is one who does so.

Jul 07, 2008 - Mountainview, California, USA - MARISSA MAYER, VP of Search and User Experiences, Google is photographed on the Google campus in Mountainview, CA on July 7, 2008. From the high-tech scene, there has risen a new crop of accomplished female C

I first learned about Marissa Mayer in a 2012 copy of the IEEE Spectrum magazine that my dad gave me to read. At the time, she was working for Google in the demanding position of vice president of location and local services, which she left for the CEO position of Yahoo. What really drew me to her was how she discovered her interest in computers accidentally in her college course and how she described herself as a “girly girl”.  I find that many people think that in order to reach a certain level of success, you have to sacrifice the things that define you and Mayer showed me it wasn’t the case. (Technically, even though she operates in business, she is an electrical engineer which goes to show how one doesn’t need to major in business to end up owning one.)

There are many more inspiring women in business but I only decided to focus on one to keep this post from getting too long :). If there are any more you want to mention in the comments or you agree with any of the points I expressed, please share in the comments!


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