A YA Must Read Series

If you haven’t already figured it out, I’ve got a thing for YA fantasy books and the series that I am writing about is no different. Back in 2013, I basically devoured and feel in love with the masterpiece that is Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones series. Based in modern day New York, the series takes you on the heart pounding journey of Clary, a teenage girl who discovers that she is a Shadowhunter and is thrust into their turmoil-ridden world. It is my absolute favorite book series with the romance, action, and out of this world plot twists that keep me ensnared from start to finish. Now in 2017, my heart has fallen again for Cassandra Clare’s follow up series, The Dark Artifices, which is rocking my world. This spinoff series is now based in LA, and has stunning world building with dilemmas that are eerily similar to some we have seen in recent history. Only 2 books of the series are out, with the third one set to come out in 2 years *sob*.

Lady Midnight (2016)

ybtr 1

The first book in the new series, Lady Midnight takes place in LA, a few years after the last book from the City of Bones series. Tensions are high between the Downworlders (vampires, demons fairies, etc.) and the Shadowhunters after the much disputed Cold Peace, which has stripped many rights away from Downworlders. The book follows the adventures and problems the Blackthorn family face in light of the insidious plots created to overthrow the fragile peace. This book is good, but definitely not as good as the second one. We’re introduced to the amazing members of the Balckthorn family and Emma Carstairs, one of the many young but strong characters in the book. What I loved about this book was how capable everyone was. They all helped each other in tough situations, but everyone, including the girls could easily fend for themselves. With chance appearances of characters from the previous series, this book is the bridge between both series.

Lord of Shadows (2017)

ybtr 2

I have a personal copy of this book because it was so good I had to buy it. Picking up right after Lady Midnight’s crazy revelation about the star crossed lovers Emma and Julian Balckthorn, the main characters discover that the fragile peace is not only being threatened by the Downworlders, but by the extremist groups of Shadowhunters called the Cohort. The rough times the Shadowhunters are facing are a reflection of the 1930/40s and the slow Jewish prosecution under the German empire. The Blackthorns battle on 2 fronts: to find a dangerous book before their enemies do and to keep the Cohort from sinking its poisonous claws into their territory. In this second book, you get to see the complexities that make up each character and take them from 2D to 3D. How far are Emma and Julian willing to go to have their happily ever after? Will the rest of the Shadow Hunters be convinced of the threat that lies beneath them from the Unseelie King? I was at the edge of my seat for the whole book and the cliff hanger at the end MESSED ME UP.

If you know your YA, then you’ve probably already read some or all of Cassandra Clare’s books. For those that haven’t, please do so the minute you get the chance and thank me later.



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